Supreme Court NY

Roman's legal experience sets him apart from the crowd. As a prosecutor, he began his career tirelessly working to obtain justice for victims; now as a trial lawyer in private practice, he advocates for core constitutional principleson behalf of the accused. He understands the crucial importance of balancing justice and mercy in every case, whether criminal or civil. As a judge, he will bring his unique life experiences to the bench, ensuring fair application of the law to all. As a longtime public servant, he wants to serve you as a Justice in the 7th Judicial District. When elected, he will work every day to make you proud of your vote.

map of district

What does the Supreme Court in New York do?

The Supreme Court is the state-wide trial court with the broadest jurisdiction, both in criminal and civil cases. It can hear virtually any case brought before it, with the exception of claims brought against the State.

Where is the 7th Judicial District?

The 7th Judicial district sits in downtown Rochester at the Hall of Justice, but encompasses the following counties: Monroe, Livingston, Ontario, Wayne, Yates, Cayuga, Seneca and Steuben.